About Company

ODTECHiNDIA is a company resolute to supplying IT services to businesses. We work very closely with all our clients and provide services, which reduce costs, improve business and IT performance. To develop software requires time, skilled labor. Our employees are our asset, who are highly skilled and well trained in technology and proficient in the English language to guarantee we not only provide first class solutions but also can interact effectively with clients globally. Our web developers have extensive experience of handling complex projects too. We believe in every dream, there lies infinite possibilities with technology and we are ready to take it forward! We keeps your dream alive by hard work, vision, determination and dedication.


We are One-Stop Vendor

We are a well-respected and successful One-Stop Vendor. We bestow solutions for companies of all sizes. Our well-trained employees provide solutions to complex problems and can develop any type of website with confidence.

We follow Personal Approach

We deeply examine each client's case in detail. The process of engagement is smooth, so that our clients are informed and in constant communication with their dedicated developers. Communication also takes place via telephone, Skype and email and understands client's specific objectives.

We provide Exceptional Quality

Each project is under the supervision of a dedicated quality assurance team that monitors all project activities and results at each development phase.

We share Complete Transparency

We know that to make IT projects successful you need to have a flexible project methodology. With the way, we work on a time & document basis it gives complete transparency on what work and tasks are being done at any time. We also let our clients to conform our work as we move to the next task. This eradicate confusion so that clients understand the development process and any challenges that need to be faced and overcome.

Core Values

Customer-First Approach

Helping you succeed is what we do best. Through our uncompromising commitment to quality products and services, we provide customers the vital support they need to grow and prosper in the global marketplace.


Our business is built on trust, and to win yours we employ only the most qualified individuals from the IT sector. Trust. Honesty. Integrity. We pride ourselves on having all three.

Client Engagement

Rather than assume we know best, ODTECHiNDIA prefers to bring clients into the process. Based on your feedback, we change and adapt our products to meet your needs, so you are never disappointed.

Adding Value

Whether it is a website, mobile app or marketing strategy, ODTECHiNDIA always aims to add value to your company through the services we provide.

Solution and Services

Design solution

Our best-in-class designers and developers work collaboratively to deliver products that we hold to the highest standards. We are passionate about building better result for our client with open discussion. We listen to your design objectives, research your competition, and create a design geared towards displaying your company, your brand and your vision.

Logo design

We create logo designs through implementing creative strategies and innovative design software to craft a brand identity that embodies the essence of your business. Whether you are developing a new company, repositioning an established business or looking to redefine your brand identity, we work to ensure that your logo effectually reflects your company’s identity and story. Our team members have extensive professional experience that has instilled a deep understanding of your needs throughout the creative process. We are committed to providing exceptional service that you will remember.

Wordmark (text)

Lettermark (Initials)

Brandmark (Symbol or Icon)

Combination Mark (Text and Symbol)

Emblem (Text Inside Symbol)

Stationary design

Stationery plays important role in companies branding. We create brilliant stationary designs through implementing innovative ideas to craft a brand identity that embodies the essence of your business. We have extensive experienced designers to match your satisfaction.

Business Card





Web design & development

Websites have become one of the most important extensions of your business. We make certain that your website looks great and performs properly when viewed on a phone, tablet or computer. we work with a user-friendly and easy to use Content Management System (CMS), allowing you the option to log-in to the backend of your site and make changes – or simply leave it to us.

Responsive Website

Responsive Website with CMS

Our websites are created with sales and conversions in mind, so not only will your site look great, it will also help your company thrive in today’s competitive landscape. Whether it be building a new web site or developing an existing one, we’ll be happy to help.

Customized Software Solution

We provide customized software solution services which, enable faster growth and improvement of your business from automating key business processes and upgrading your legacy applications, to moving your mission-critical enterprise applications towards a mobile-first world. We ODTECHiNDIA has the technological savvy and IT expertise to make your most complex projects come to fruition by following three services.

Custom Enterprise Software

We deliver bespoke enterprise applications that address your business needs and meet your specifications. Our team energize software that improves content management, business process automation, E-Commerce, and employee collaboration. Our expertissim in various domain i.e. Recruitment, Travel, Retail, Banking, Insurance and e-Commerce etc.

Application Modernization

Outdated enterprise applications often cause employees to spend more time working around limitations. ODTECHiNDIA can provide your business with a team that can perform in depth feature and technical analysis of your legacy solution and offer enterprise application development that will use the latest tools and technologies. Your users will be happier and more productive, and your IT operations team will sleep better.


Development & Operations, aiming to improve the relationship by advocating better communication and collaboration between the two business units we provide devops. DevOps is a software development and delivery process that emphasizes communication and collaboration between product management, software development, and operations professionals. It supports this by automating and monitoring the process of software integration, testing, deployment by establishing a culture and environment where building, testing, and releasing software can happen rapidly, frequently, and more reliably.

You need devops, to increase success of organizations who wanting to release their software faster and more frequently we provide devop. Its benefits are -

Improved deployment frequency;

Faster time to market;

Lower failure rate of new releases;

Shortened lead time between fixes;

Faster mean time to recovery

Mobile Development

Whether you’re a startup founder selling a digital service, or an established enterprise struggling to increase efficiency, mobile app development deserves discussion as a strategic priority. Mobile is becoming the preferred method of discovering, consuming, and sharing information, and only an exceptional user experience will put your business in a position to profit. Consumer trends show that people are progressively likely to spend more time on mobile devices rather than desktop computers. ODTECHiNDIA has ability to support you for the transfer of your present enterprise software workflow to a mobile platform.

We do not stop at developing the app; we are committed to rigorously tested on simulators, a fruitful dispatch in the app stores, marketing, eventually shipped across a range of mobile devices and analytics thereafter.


ODTECHiNDIA is one of the fastest growing companies for Android application development. Our acumen Android App Developers, UI/UX designers and the mobile strategists have the extensive experience in handling the projects across several verticals. The brainy professionals use the comprehensive set of development tools for apps, scalable across multiple devices and robust mobile apps that are user-friendly and feature-rich.

The pundits at ODTECHiNDIA can provide the best of business-centric, expedient solutions and our tech acumen Android app developers make it sure to produce the custom solutions for esteemed business.


Our erudite team of iPhone app developer’s make it sure that exceptional functional capabilities are embedded in our innovative and robust iPhone applications that we develop. The proficient app developers are equipped with the latest advancements in iOS platform and implement the best practices of iPhone app development for developing business-centric iPhone apps for our prestigious clients.

Cross Platform Development

One of the most challenging situations for app developers is, whether to develop a native mobile app or go for cross-platform. Of course, as a business, you require dealing with different types of customers who possess different types of devices. Therefore, you'd need to have a mobile app that could work seamlessly on almost all the platforms (i.e. Android, iOS, Windows, etc.)

Cross-platform apps work on multiple operating systems with a single code base, they are -

Native Cross-Platform Apps

Hybrid ‘HTML5’ Cross-Platform Apps

Quality Control

Our qualified Quality Assurance and software testing team assists you be sure that the software that your business runs on works smoothly and as expected - always. We perform extensive testing throughout the entire development lifecycle and strive to continually decrease any failure in software, apps and websites using product reports as monitored at each management review. We ensure that Quality Assurance does not become the weakest link in your software development workflow. ODTECHiNDIA can help you to fill key positions in your production team with Quality Assurance specialists that have proven themselves to be exceptionally thorough and have had experience in testing enterprise solutions, mobile applications, and web applications.

Unit/ System Testing

Unit testing is software testing or software development process in which the smallest testable parts or piece of program code of an application or individual units of source code, called units, are individually and independently scrutinized to determine whether they are fit for use.

Functional Testing

We do Functional testing during software development in which software is tested to ensure that it has all the required functionality that's specified within its functional requirements. We divide Functional testing in following ways.

Smoke Testing

Sanity Testing

Integration Testing

Interface Testing

System Testing

Regression Testing


Compatibility Testing

To ensure compatibility of the system/application/website built with heterogeneous other objects such as other web browsers, hardware platforms, users we do various compatibility testing like Backward compatibility testing and Cross browser compatibility testing.

Backward Compatibility Testing

To ensures new version of the product to continue to work with the older version product we do this testing.

Cross Browser Compatibility Testing

To scrutinize compatibility of an application across multiple heterogeneous web browsers and to ensure that the web application works correctly across different web browsers we do this testing.


We ODTECHiNDIA IT consulting team works hand in hand with our team of senior technology specialists. Deals with all clients consulting services, allowing them to plan the succeeding steps in the expansion of their business and software. Whether it is scheduling for upcoming iterations of your software or determining new, improved ways to implement solutions that are already being used. We provide consulting services to small scale to large-scale businesses.

Technical Prog. Management

Get ahead in your software development with a strong team-leader at the helm. Our very skilled and trained Technical Program Management consultants can help your business to meet their goals.

Usually, that would include deep project and program management proficiency, plus solid background in one or more of the below areas -

Software Development

Solution Architecture

Enterprise Architecture

IT Strategy and Operations

Agile Delivery

In today’s fast-paced world of IT, where your business clients demand fast and high-quality delivery of business value to the organization, choosing the right Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodology could mean the modification between success and failure of your project.

IT Strategy and Enterprise Architecture

We deliver more with less resource, while ensuring high levels of technical skill, quality, security, and performance against today’s competitive business environment's and constant pressure on IT Organizations to be more agile. ODTECHiNDIA’s Enterprise Architecture professionals can help your IT transition from traditional IT delivery and architectural models to accelerate digital innovation.

IT Operations Improvement

We as a high-performing IT Ops organization has to guarantee stable operations of IT products and services used by the business and its customers, while at the same time supporting ever-increasing pace of digital innovation. One of the main challenges is to make sure that these two objectives are not in conflict with one another.

Support Services

Efficacious software development not end at the delivery of product. We offer your business a way to maintain, apprise, and support your software solutions and enable you to adapt with the changing market demands and customer mood quickly and efficiently. User preferences and requirements vary too widely and change fast for software to concurrently satisfy everyone. Reliability and performance is the commitment regardless of what technical challenges we face behind the scenes.


Desktop Support and Remote Installation

We can help you overcome the hardware and software installation issues encountered by your organization precisely and efficiently. We have a team of experts who will assist you over the phone, via email, through web session, or other means to help you solve your issues.

Server Management

Server infrastructure is the centerpiece of any technology planning. With Managed Server Services, you can access the robust, secure, redundant, infrastructure you need today, without a significant up-front investment. Then tap into built-in scalability that lets you add middleware or services at any time.

Best of all, by choosing OD as your hosting provider, you are free to concentrate on what matters most: the long-term growth of your company.

System Backup and Restore

Data is critical to your success, so the ability to quickly recover and restore lost files and data is imperative. The backup of data is useless if it cannot be restored. We provide Backup & Restore Services to help you optimize your backup environment improve efficiency, recovery and archiving solutions that has been designed to meet your requirements, minimize downtime with a backup and improve flexibility, manageability and scalability.

Application support

To provide the best possible service in the most Efficacious possible manner as well as sufficiently serve business to our customers, we withstand number of levels of support from gathering information to product delivery.

Level 1/Initial step of maintenance

Our help desk technicians help to screen the issues and assign to appropriate party / owner. They collect and scrutinize information about the client’s issue and regulates the best way to resolve their problem. Level 1 may also provide support for identified Level 2 and Level 3 issues where configuration solutions have already been documented.

Level 2/Client device support

This is generally reserved for desktop, laptop, and other user device support but it may also share work with Level 3. Here we handle break/fix, configuration issues, troubleshooting, software installations, hardware repair (including in-house repair or coordinating depot services). Here we also handle escalated issues by Level 1.

Level 3/Excellent problem solving capacity

Here our technician/developer usually has the most expertise in a company and they go-to person for solving laborious issues like Troubleshooting, configuration, database administration, and repair for server, network, infrastructure, Data Center, email, file shares, and other infrastructure issues.

Level 4/Product support

Here our team involves product architects, engineers, software developers, hardware designers and various application stack holders to analyze and fix the issue. This support is contracted by an organization for specific services, but they are not part of the organization.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Our focus is to work with you to attain your business goals, and partner for the next level of enhancements in order to achieve competitive advantage. ODTECHiNDIA strives hard for deep domain expertise and transformational solutions in the BPO segment. Our passion in this area is augmented by result oriented business models which shall ensure a seamless delivery of services to our customers around the globe.

Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (FAO)

Through multi-skilled domain professionals ODTECHiNDIA aims to provide point to point transaction-oriented decision and strategy-intensive processes and services across the finance outsourcing value chain.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)

A rare and most wanted combination of process, analytics, and domain knowledge across verticals differentiates our KPO services. Through insight-based business decision support services, we can help our customers develop a better understanding of their clients and businesses.

Product Support Services (PSS)

Our services are cohesively delivered through scalable technology-enabled outsourcing solutions leveraging multiple channels, such as voice, e-mail, chat, and web-based support, and covering the life cycle of a product through a “round the clock” “follow the sun” model.

Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO)

Our HRO services cover activities throughout the employee life cycle, from training to recruitment and more.

Supply Chain Management Outsourcing (SCMO)

Our SCM BPO practice will offer proven global outsourcing solutions and consultancy services for managing point to point supply chain operations. We can help clients gain real-time information and control over their extended global supply chains while harmonizing supply and demand functions.

Customer Management Service (CMS)

CMS centers are platforms which build brand loyalty, provide ease of support to agents through predictive recommendations and consumer behavioral insights. These generate revenue, improve stickiness, help reduce costs, and provide an overall customer experience which is standardized across multi-channel environments. Happy customer only brings business.

Technically expertise in


Process Model

How we convert your blue print to reality.


Defining project scope

We will carefully discuss your ideas and goals of your application. Our skilled counsellors will place out the whole thing you need to know in fine detail, from how we plan to proceed with the project, the technologies involved, a time-line and benchmarks, and cost estimates. We will help you visualize the result and describe it, so that everyone involved knows what we want to achieve.


Concept/ wireframe building and Visual design

As a friendly and easy-to-use interface is necessary to an app's success so, our design team creates wireframes and UI prototypes for you to test. We make alterations according to your ideas, and by the end of this step, our clients have a deep understanding of how their software will look like and how it will perform.


Build Product

Now, the project is distributed into discrete sections as the software code is tested and reviewed accordingly. With each new iteration, features can be added based on your feedback and tested until they’re fully functional. Through this process, we make sure to constantly inform our clients on the project status and inform them of all the milestones we’ve passed.

QA and Testing

System testing and bug fixes

In this phase all the bugs or performance-hitches are removed until the software is running efficiently. Based on feedback from our Quality Control managers, our designers and engineers make any final adjustments to the software.


Deliver product to customer

At these critical stages we will be there to assist you to ensure that everything is running smoothly and without any glitches. ODTECHiNDIA has completed its exploration and thoroughly understands your goal, so, we work hard to guarantee that your product gets to its intended users and accomplishes the target.


Maintain post production

We know that every app needs improvements and new features. We will be there to support you with taking your business even further.


We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below and enjoy our handmade work with love for every detail.